Global Fund for Widows Addresses the Security Council

GFW delivers shocking intervention on the plight of widows in conflict, shedding light on their endurance of harrowing war crimes, the despair of the half-widow and wives of the forcibly disappeared, and the desolation of the child-widow.
Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland
GFW delivers an insightful intervention at the Human Rights Council in its continuing exposure of the link between widowhood, child marriage, and human trafficking.
GFW delivers a powerful intervention at the Human Rights Council in its continuing exposure of the institutionalized and systemic violations of human rights endured by widows across the globe.
House of Lords, United Kingdom, London 2018
London ,2018
GFW offers Members of Parliament with persuasive, disquieting, and undeniable evidence linking widowhood to poverty, extremist proliferation, poor education, the spread of HIV/AIDS, food insecurity, child marriage, and the unfathomable phenomenon of the child widow.
UN Summit on the Journey to Extremism
In 2017, the GFW responded to a challenge from UNDP Africa Director  Abdoulaye Mar Dieye underscoring that economic development must include the protection of widows inheritance rights in order to prevent societal risk of intergenerational poverty.
United Nations Refugee Summit
UN General Assembly, NY, 2016
GFW has been a tireless advocate for widows at the UN General Assembly, underscoring that nearly 50% of the world’s refugees are either WIDOWS or children of widows. Their unique needs such as inability to claim their own nationality must be addressed.

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