Widows’ Savings and Loan Association

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Our innovation in financial inclusion
Global Fund for Widows is proud to introduce the WISALA (Widows’ Savings and Loan Associations), bringing innovative community banking solutions to the world’s most marginalized: widows. With the development of WISALAs, widows can gain access to capital, savings, and move towards building credit. 
Through their ownership of the WISALA, widows have full agency of their financial futures.

What is a WISALA?

Our award-winning model for financial inclusion
WISALA – Widows’ Savings and Loan Association – is an innovation in financial product offerings to the world’s unbanked and underbanked population. Created specifically to offer financial access to widows and female heads of households, the WISALA allows previously unbanked widows to enter into a group savings and loan association by making an initial capital investment into their savings group, effectively capitalizing their small savings and loan institution. In return for the investment, the widows own shares in the bank, granting them co-ownership status.

Once established, the Global Fund for Widows co-capitalizes the WISALA with a levered investment of 2:1 through a grant structure. This investment from Global Fund for Widows allows the WISALA and its owners to enjoy a capital base from which the widows are able to fully and immediately access for their entrepreneurial needs. The WISALA’s structure also provides opportunities for bank and share growth, as well as increased opportunities for re- investment.

WISALAs Win Financial Catalyst Award!

Our WISALAs have won the Business Council for Peace WOMEN FORWARD – FINANCIAL CATALYST Award –2020!  We are honored that our micro-bank innovation has received this esteemed recognition!
GFW Business Council for Peace Award

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