Our Team

Fredrick Onyambu

Fredrick serves as the Kenya Country Director at the Global Fund for Widows, where his exceptional expertise in leadership and seasoned program management shines through. With a strong educational foundation, he holds a BCOM degree in Finance and boasts a range of certifications in mediation, leadership, and program management. These credentials solidify his standing as a skilled and adept program manager, proficient in orchestrating intricate projects and adeptly navigating sensitive conflicts. In his capacity as the Country Director at the Global Fund for Widows, Fredrick brings a wealth of experience in community development, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, mediation, and program management to his role. His extensive familiarity with NGO policies and legal frameworks empowers him to effect substantial social impact within his sphere of influence. Fredrick's commitment to enacting positive change finds embodiment in his previous role as a Program Manager at Come Together Widows and Orphans Organisation. In this capacity, he played a pivotal role in economically and socially empowering over 5000 widows. His extensive experience, combined with unwavering dedication, paints a compelling portrait of a leader poised to drive transformative change.